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The entire house settles on the ground floor and is made of various bodies that are functionally divided into three distinct areas; service, social and private areas. Each body is oriented in a way to take advantage of the best sun exposure South/West throughout the year.

The new volumes gently adjust to the site and therefore design a complex geometry. Each of the three bodies has an enclosed courtyard and a confined exterior space facing good solar exposure. “Patios” are imagined with environments for particular uses around the year and are shaped by the specificity of particular functions, such as dining, playroom, spa, the garden of the senses, etc.

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Quinta da Torre

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The construction aims to accommodate a work of contemporary art, as a complementary use to support the main building. The new building can be understood as an installation in the landscape, of the type “Land Art” and should not be read as a habitable building, in legal terms it can be comparable to an annex.

The walls are constructed of reinforced concrete and formwork with wooden molds with exposed concrete finish. The interior space has a single access, it is not air-conditioned and there are no glazed spaces to be noted. Inside there are no compartments or dividers. There is no electricity or water. The building’s implantation is parallel to the existing terrace. The west side wall is aligned with the granite wall.

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Dunas House

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This concept offers to the apartment a new wide open space. The airy, almost omniscient structure, acts as a light grid pattern of wood beams. In Parallel, the generous space gives the sensation to be filled with natural light. This solution mixing new structure and large openings creates a rupture with the local urban environment.

An intervention, only perceived from the inside was imposed by the municipality regulations since, the area holds ancient buildings with tinny spaces placed along narrow crooked streets. This makes the edifice of Traverssa do Arco quite unusual and unique for the neighborhood.

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Pré-Pombalino Attic

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Our proposal seeks that the interior spaces enjoy well-being and comfort to be experienced throughout the year.

In the project we try to explore the natural light that invades the space, varying throughout the day. We orient the light in order to project it in the boxes suspended from the ceiling through the entrance of zenith light. The project foresees the installation of several VELUX windows, including two that simulate a terrace opening to the south.

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Cultural Park in Laos

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The Cultural Park of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is an urban rehabilitation project in an area of 160,000 m² in front of the Mekong river with large trees.

The project commissioned by the municipality and the central government, in partnership with external investors, provides for a new hotel and casino, the reorganization of representative housing for each tribe, and the integration of the existing sacred sites on the site. The refurbishment of the aquatic amusement park, and the creation of a shopping area and casino. On the Riverfront, a pier is inserted for boats to dock.

The project offers a balanced relationship between the cultural/spiritual aspect, the environmental component, and the investment in new equipment.

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