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The entire house settles on the ground floor and is made of various bodies that are functionally divided into three distinct areas; service, social and private areas. Each body is oriented in a way to take advantage of the best sun exposure South/West throughout the year.

The new volumes gently adjust to the site and therefore design a complex geometry. Each of the three bodies has an enclosed courtyard and a confined exterior space facing good solar exposure. “Patios” are imagined with environments for particular uses around the year and are shaped by the specificity of particular functions, such as dining, playroom, spa, the garden of the senses, etc.

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Cultural Park in Laos

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The Cultural Park of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is an urban rehabilitation project in an area of 160,000 m² in front of the Mekong river with large trees.

The project commissioned by the municipality and the central government, in partnership with external investors, provides for a new hotel and casino, the reorganization of representative housing for each tribe, and the integration of the existing sacred sites on the site. The refurbishment of the aquatic amusement park, and the creation of a shopping area and casino. On the Riverfront, a pier is inserted for boats to dock.

The project offers a balanced relationship between the cultural/spiritual aspect, the environmental component, and the investment in new equipment.

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Boavista Eco-Resort

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The concept seeks to “make the place visible”, inviting the demanding, curious and educated user to “live” every corner of the territory, allowing him to discover the unknown, enjoy the seasons, get to know the local culture and nature that can be discovered and appreciated in its genuine aspects; In a period dominated by fast food and mass tourism, the aim is to implement a counter-culture, that is, a culture of the slow as opposed to the fast and the valorization of the individual and his privacy in opposition to the masses.

The values ​​of this Slow Tourism travel through carefully designed places, providing a deep contact with the timeless character of the landscape where there is still a balance between the presence of man and nature.

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“O aldeamento turístico assenta num projeto de responsabilidade ambiental. Pretende-se desenvolver uma estratégia assente nas energias renováveis e na sua sustentabilidade de recursos hídricos e solares. A utilização das tecnologias, mais avançadas fazem a fusão com as soluções implementadas no lugar de caracter vernacular (…)”


“O concelho de Alcácer do Sal, no Alentejo, verá nascer o projeto da Herdade da Boavista e Sampaio, um conjunto urbano e sustentável numa área contígua à unidade de turismo rural Casas do Sal. Trata-se de um aldeamento turístico eco-friendly, com a assinatura do arquiteto Pedro Ressano Garcia, desenhado para usufruir ao máximo da natureza e conviver em paz com o ambiente.”

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“The project develops a hypothesis based upon the creation of urban centres
designed according to previous existing examples. The central argument is that
energy efficiency and sustainability have been tested for centuries in traditional
dwellings still existing in the region.
Based on these premises the urban layout and architectural typologies merge
new technologies and secular knowledge.”

Sustainable Architecture & Urban Development


“Na minha opinião, haverá mais oportunidades no futuro para quem pense e tire partido das suas ideias, nas suas emoções, e respeite a sua intuição. Para o aprendiz de arquitecto, onde me incluo, o importante é aumentar a inteligência. As viagens, as leituras, o conhecimento de outros autores permanece uma enorme fonte de inspiração.”

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