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The concept seeks to “make the place visible”, inviting the demanding, curious and educated user to “live” every corner of the territory, allowing him to discover the unknown, enjoy the seasons, get to know the local culture and nature that can be discovered and appreciated in its genuine aspects; In a period dominated by fast food and mass tourism, the aim is to implement a counter-culture, that is, a culture of the slow as opposed to the fast and the valorization of the individual and his privacy in opposition to the masses.

The values ​​of this Slow Tourism travel through carefully designed places, providing a deep contact with the timeless character of the landscape where there is still a balance between the presence of man and nature.

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The building makes use of low tech construction systems with local materials, with tech and contemporary materials spread world wide. Global and local, tradition and innovation found a good balance in this project.

To achieve reduction of CO2 emissions, local knowledge and high tech solutions succeed in lowering environmental impact and energy efficiency by a symbiotic relationship between the architecture and the surrounding ecosystem. Whitewhased walls, exposed beams, recycled materials, cross ventilation, water treatment system, use of solar energy and local solutions are combined in a consistently committed sustainable design.

Cutting edge technologies that provide accurate information regarding thermal and lighting comfort influence the use of materials and design strategies in search of optimal behavior. Shading, thermal, lighting are among the topics that reduce the energy consumption.


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“The contemporary demand for reducing carbon emission is changing the way architects design buildings, thus influencing a wide range of new solutions.”

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“Low tech or high tech, local or global, green or comfortable are some of the main aspects supporting the choice for materials in building design”

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“The white facade is characterized by flexible sunshades. Its appearence changes depending on the position of shutters (…) Surprising walls, charming views, old details and vintage furniture form the frame for a sustainable recreation”

Urlaubs Architektur
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“The intervention integrates features of traditional architecture and intervention characteristics from last century, with contemporary design (…) Construction methods that are driven by principles of sustainability and water supply with recycling capacity are also included in the project.”

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