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Architecture welcomes the mind and the body. The mind can interpret architecture using other tools. The central question is how does it work? Do the senses influence the architect or are the senses amplified by architecture? There is probably no single answer, in Hammam we try to inform the mind about the senses of the body.

Egg-shaped and illuminated by zenith light, the warm room offers a comfortable and introspective atmosphere.

The game of light throughout the day transforms the hammam baths installed in the building and celebrates body care.


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“O projecto de um novo hammam nesta região em particular e neste período específico do século XXI é uma afirmação a dois níveis; histórico e geográfico.”

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“Y establece una nueva relación con una práctica perdida hace mucho tiempo, que celebra las costumbres antiguas en un espacio contemporáneo.”

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“The contemporary demand for reducing carbon emission is changing the way architects design buildings, thus influencing a wide range of new solutions.”

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“The new building establishes a relation to a long-lost practice. It opens a new perception where local culture is seen not just within its present context but also related to ancient traditions.”

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Tagus Platform

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It proposes a sustained reconfiguration of the port territory through the construction of a platform that reconnects the city and the river.

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More than a new project between Alcântara and Santos, Tagus Platform is a concept. Innovative, it proposes an urban morphology that can be applied to any port city that wants to resume the connection with the river and / or sea.

It surpasses, at low cost, the existing circulation barriers – road or railway – without affecting them, and creates a contemporary public space with different possibilities of use – stage of major events or a hanging garden in the middle of the industrial area. It is not a question of urbanizing the port lands, but of enhancing the opportunities in that area, improving urban conditions, and eliminating the deficiencies of the old city and its equipment.
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Tagus Platform proposes a sustained reconfiguration of this territory through the construction of a landfill, adding to the city and which, among many other features, allows access to the largest Portuguese museum (Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga), simultaneously creating a prime reception area to the Rocha de Conde de Óbidos Tourism Cruise Terminal.

The Tagus Platform project will be an emblematic public work that allows Lisbon to be projected on the international stage.


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“(…) innovative, because it proposes an urban morphology that can be applied to any port city that wants to resume the connection with the river or the sea. (…) with this new topography, the three-dimensional character of the city is valued (…) “

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“The regeneration of the riverfront implies a theory of needs, by providing new public spaces for this fraction of the city by crossing existing circulation barriers between the city and the port, as an organized continuation of the city against the river”

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“The evidence presented confirms that public spaces in port areas have a particular cultural significance. By creating a new urban image in the riverside area, which are extremely valuable for cities to be able to redefine the quality of urban life, as well as maritime activities. and leisure. “

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“This is the dream of the architect Pedro Ressano Garcia – a kind of hanging garden between the area of the Museum of Ancient Art and the river, through a platform that would pass over the 24 de Julho avenue and the train line, overcoming the obstacles that today they separate us from the Tagus. “

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