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“This micro-museum by Pedro Ressano Garcia, wisely called “eremitério”, suggests to us an alternative grammar of conception and dwelling. It deliberately drives us close to the constant features of a monastic experience. And we realise that “seeing better” leads us to the act of seeing one polysemy, one rituality and one ethic.

Therefore, we somehow only start seeing when we start noticing. And the same applies to contemplation. Contemplation begins when we accept that we do not know how to see, that our vision is limited and poor.”

José Tolentino Mendonça

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Quinta da Torre

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The construction aims to accommodate a work of contemporary art, as a complementary use to support the main building. The new building can be understood as an installation in the landscape, of the type “Land Art” and should not be read as a habitable building, in legal terms it can be comparable to an annex.

The walls are constructed of reinforced concrete and formwork with wooden molds with exposed concrete finish. The interior space has a single access, it is not air-conditioned and there are no glazed spaces to be noted. Inside there are no compartments or dividers. There is no electricity or water. The building’s implantation is parallel to the existing terrace. The west side wall is aligned with the granite wall.

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