Kandinsky Concert Hall


DMF Ressano Garcia Kandisky Modelo 3065
analise kandinsky

Our project proposed forms, and spaces, constructed with musical notes. An architecture built out of sounds. Considering music has a material of the arts, Wassily Kandinsky was searching for similar processes to his paintings during the early 20th century.


Rhythm, abstract construction but also repetition and dynamic perception. The influence of music on painting is continued in architecture through the investigation of the painting. This process brought the possibilities of unimaginable architectural discoveries. An architecture for the music, inspired by the painting.

DMF Ressano Garcia Kandisky Modelo 9772
Architect’s education is not rational, it must address the emotion. Emotions are not just pragmatic as a building can be they are complex and enrich life. Being an architect is not only an occupation, it is a way of living. It is a vocation that becomes a need!
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